MPEG TS file format was first used in 1995 and developed by MPEG Group.

It is a standardized format used for transmission of video and audio. it may additionally contain application data, subtitles and data tracks.

MPEG TS is used primarily to broadcast digital transmitted TV (DVB, ATSC, DTMB, SMB, ISBN, etc.) as MPEG-TS is designed to be very robust and can easily “survive” bigger outages in the signal.

MPEG TS is a container, and conventionally the video track encoded in mpeg2 part1, which also DVDs are encoded in, but when
HD became widespread, it became more and more typical to the video track was encoded in the newer h.264 format.

MPEG TS was also “adopted” by both Blu-ray’s, and also that Digital HD video camera manufacturers, who added a time code.
These are known as .m2ts, .tod, and AVCHD files.