A new version of Aptana (3.6.0) is out, and its now based on Eclipse 4.3. Great news.

If you encounter that you suddenly after upgrading git cannot connect to your repos either github, gitlab etc. is probably because git cannot find you key. It could come with a dialog prompting you to write a HTTP password.

fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

In the previous version the folder where you key is is defined on the SSH item in the preferences. That seems to be ignored now. It seems that Aptana now uses the plugins default folder, and that

is where you should put your private ssh key (id_rsa og id_dsa ).

Do this:

1. Find your private key that worked perfectly before. If you don’t know then try the .ssh folder on c:\Users\<username>\

2. Copy id_rsa og id_dsa to this location:


Worked for me, hopefully it works for you to.