yea really, why?

– It cost a lot more than similar laptops
– Repairs is more expensive. (and yes Mac ALSO breaks down)
– It puts me in a stereotyped box, indicating that i am “one of the believers”

ok, its nice and made of one piece of aluminum and should give me more power out of the components. But hey, thats, i think, give me 1-2% more. (i can tell the difference)

I compared the specs with other laptop manufacturers, and ended up with the conclusion that i could save about 2000 (~$300) for the exact same machine. But then again, its not i one piece of aluminum.

If a bought one, i’ll just put linux on it anyway, so maybe i am just in the target group. (except if i wanna be “one of the believers”)

Maybe i should buy a EEE PC or a OLPC. hehe.. Only time will tell..