Renzo's Flash unicode table generator page

How to use:

  • 1. Upload a UTF-8 encoded text file containing to chars you want to include into your Unicodetable file as fontembedding.
  • 2. Name the glyph and set the ID.
  • 3. Press "Generate" and recieve the XMl file.

1. choose the text file.

2. Choose name and ID of the glyph.



3. Press generate to recieve the unicodetable xml file.

How to easily convert .ts files to Mpeg2 or DVD

So you finally got the recording features to work on your DreamBox, but you want more? :-)

Flash UnicodeTable converter

Upload a UTF-8 based txt file with the chars within, and I will convert it into a valid UnicodeTable Flash XML file, for instant use.

Zabbix tips

Get Apache reqs/sec, mysql connections, proftpd connection into Zabbix.