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Missing network interface after cloning a Ubuntu template on ESX vmware server

I was cloning some Ubuntu 8.04 LTS machines from a template i made and everything went fine, except the kernel could not find my eth0 and mapped a new eth1.

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The Danish Joomla spider

Mission: To examine how many joomla sites there are in Denmark Many times i asked myself - how many sites actually runs joomla in e.g. Denmark and i've could't find the answer anywhere. Even extensive search on Google, posting in forums etc.

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How to easily convert .ts files to Mpeg2 or DVD

So you finally got the recording features to work on your DreamBox, but you want more? 🙂
If you only want to view the MPEG livestream file (.ts) then use VLC player, which is the best player around.

But if you want to convert the .ts file to eg. Mpeg 2, or MPA/MPV format for later creation of DVD discs, read the following guides.


By |June 4th, 2009|Dreambox, Linux|28 Comments

Subversion with a working copy on a samba share

When having a working copy on a samba share, i used to get alot of “Failed to add ‘XXX’: object of the same name already already exists”. It seems that the problem lies on the samba configuration.


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Headers! When making a mobile site!

Spend some time the last two days trying to figure out why my mobil xhtml site did't showed on various non smartphones.

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Why should i buy a Mac ? Part 3

Ok. Apple won. I actually went out and bought one  – a mac book. *sigh*

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Why should i buy a Mac ? Part 2

Well, went to a Apple store today and asked for the 3 good reasons to buy a MAC instead of a “normal” laptop.

The answers were:

Mac OS X – the best OS in the world.
Virus free system – never bother with hardware consuming Anti virus software
It looks nice and its tough built.

Ok, i can follow: 1 […]

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Why should i buy a Mac ?

yea really, why?

– It cost a lot more than similar laptops
– Repairs is more expensive. (and yes Mac ALSO breaks down)
– It puts me in a stereotyped box, indicating that i am “one of the believers”

ok, its nice and made of one piece of aluminum and should give me more power out of the components. […]

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Yep, i am on..

Spaceship to control – We have succesfully landed..

Hi there, now i am one the many running the extremly nice software of WordPress, to express and maintain my views on life/computers and other lesser issues 🙂

C yea!

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